A helping handThe Modern Dynamic Of Seeking Counselling

In the old days people would turn to family, the church or even the police station if they had typical life issues. Today many have found the church to be irrelevant, families are too fractured to be a source of strength and police stations are definitely not an option. Where do people go then? Well, they turn to psychologists and if they cannot afford one, they try the church or similar avenues and if it doesn’t help their lives fall apart.

My Experience In Helping People

I see people daily battling with marriage and divorce, financial issues, personality issues, work and career issues, suicidal issues etc. I have seen the desperate need people have for good quality love and guidance.

My Method

With graduate level psychology and honours in pastoral counselling together with years of ministry have equipped me to provide solid help to those in need. I believe more in equipping than in counselling. Counselling focuses on peoples weaknesses whereas equipping means working with their strengths.


I provide my counselling at a cost that can fit anyone’s wallet. Opening the door for those who need help without adding the extra worry of cost.

If you are experiencing any difficulties at all and need some help navigating life’s issues please contact me!