Public Speaking

Business Motivation Talks

Business motivation talksA great tool to use to motivate or even educate employees of a company is to arrange a business motivation talk for them. Such a talk can often communicate the necessary things to employees that management cannot always get across. Companies might have different issues, and therefore might need different areas of emphases. In this regard I pride myself in being able to prepare any talk on any topic necessary in collaboration with management until the desired effect can be achieved. For the last four years I have produced such talks biweekly to a particular company. The company has seen marked improvements in the development of and cohesion between employees.

I would be more than happy to give references so that you may have social proof of the worth of this practice.


To celebrate someone’s birthday, have a special event to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or organising a special morning for a reirment village community is always more meaningful when you add a special talk relevant to the occasion. A talk connects everybody together and makes the event much more meaningful than just having eats. The right words at a special event makes the event memorable and produces a sense of depth to the reason for meeting. I have been blessed to share words at various such meetings and have seen the cohesion and community it produced.


Christianity has and will always thrive on the exposition of Biblical ideas. When talented individuals talk meaningfully and passionately about a truth in Scripture it inspires believers to greater life change. Therefore churches have seminars, lectureships and various conferences. Often, these meetings are denominationally based. I am a non-denominational evangelist that thrives on talking about God’s things in any and every context passionately. Having had more than eight years of preaching experience I have learnt to clearly produce a talk from Scripture which is relevant to my audience.

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