weddingsMy Approach To Officiating Weddings

It is my perspective that the focus of everything at a wedding should be on the couple getting married. Even during the ceremony, eyes should be on the bride and groom that have spent hours preparing to look good. They probably won’t look that good again in a long time!!! I make it my goal therefore to lead the ceremony in such a way that focus is more on the couple than on the preacher. In this way the minister adds value to the wedding by elevating the bride, the groom and the sanctity of marriage.

Before the Wedding

It will obviously be necessary to meet with me before the wedding in order to go through the legal procedure and also the ceremonial procedures. The wedding ceremony becomes even more special if my wife and I can spend some time together with couples getting married in the months leading up to the wedding.

Premarital “Connecting Sessions”

We offer six premarital “connecting sessions” that can add tremendous value to the start of a new marriage relationship. The value herein lies that you get to connect with a couple that will not only bless you on your wedding day but be a blessing to you for years to come in your marriage. We have walked with numerous couples as they tread through the various obstacles of marriage and have always received positive feedback. We do it as a couple, because this enables us to bridge the gap between the male and female divides…

What do I need to get married?

  • A sure commitment for life in love.
  • Two ID photos of bride and groom.
  • Copies of bride and groom ID documents.
  • Copies of two witness’ and their contact information.
  • If divorced: Decree of divorce, or affidavit indicating court name and date.

If you believe in making your marriage and married life more than you could ever imagine then give us a call!